The BEST Smartphone of 2020 🏆


  1. Rana El Taco

    What phone should I get ?
    My Needs:
    -Video Chat on discord/skype worldwide.
    -Local text/calls (used only on rare occasions).
    -Decent camera quality for taking pics (group of people & selfies).
    -Enough space to add 10 or so apps. (currently been happy with 5 but it's forced due to lack of space)

    -Don't need to store pics/vids cause I store on my media accounts online, not in my actual phone.
    -Don't need to store songs either.
    -Don't use advanced games.

    Not a big fan of FB on my phone, I might use just the app for it's messenger services. I prefer keeping the main things on my laptop, and just use my phone as a personal device.

    I take care of my phones, current is in perfect physical condition and had it for over 5 years. For my needs, I don't feel that anything over 200$ is acceptable, infact even this is being generous.

  2. Indrid_Cold

    Nearly twenty minutes of anecdotes and specs, and I was thoroughly entertained. I started watching this at 2:00am, and I'm not asleep. I used to do presentations for company executives when I worked at Nextel's (later Sprint's) executive briefing center in Las Vegas. I was good (OK, really good) but you are better. You are entertaining, your pacing is spot on, and you manage to get through 20+ devices without sounding repetitive. That last talent is especially notable, because there are dozens of ways to express the same thought, and you seem to have mastered all of them. I know that some of the magic is in the editing suite, but no amount of editing can turn a mediocre presentation into a compelling one. So I'm giving you, my award for best technology presenter on YouTube. My sincere compliments.

  3. Armaan singh

    "Battery life is questionable".

    Okay I got it.

  4. EC Jane Palera

    Sad I have the S20 ULTRA… but I'm totally loving it.

  5. Delle Kindy

    I wish i could win one of those phone bro😥

  6. Doug BM

    Can't get half of those here in NZ. Funny how $600 is a cheap phone nowadays!

  7. Janeline Hayes

    Thank you for all your hard work! Great video!!!

  8. David Aix

    So basically the note 20 ultra is the best phone if you want the best of everything and money is not an option?

  9. Abdessamed Marir

    Why you didn't talk about Huawei phones?

  10. TheBlueArcher

    the LG snub hurts viewing this in 2021

  11. Yamato Takahashi

    0:50 you feel good enough to be a good actor

  12. Priyanshu

    I bought the OnePlus 8t after seeing this video , because I trust you

  13. Veera Kumar

    Ram 6gb 128 rs mobile phone 15000

  14. Veera Kumar

    Bor best gaming mobile 15000rs

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