The 4 Sentence Cover Letter That Gets You The Job Interview


  1. World Lit

    You possess amazing presentation skills. Dankeschön also for your last video on how to be confident in front of a camera.

  2. Mohamad Ehsan Motivational Speeches

    Andrew Lacivita such short and good way your explain make cover letter really so good method to write cover letter

  3. Teja

    COPIED: I am writing to inquire about the opening for A. I offer B years of experience in the C which makes me a strong candidate for this opening. The top portion of my attached resume highlights my career profile and three significant accomplishments that are in alignment with this position.

  4. The Honest Trader

    I used this advice, and now I'm a US president.

  5. ala' Arabyat

    I'm very impressed with your clear organised speech. I hope 🍀 one Day I'll be as fluent and elegant as you are. 💞

  6. Rashedul Alam 1230030030

    could anyone tell me what are the 4 sentences? i can not open the link. it not loading. Thank you

  7. Kaur Jasnoor

    Thank You Very Much! I got the job! as a Production Assistant!! in LA

  8. Noobie Gardening

    Thank you! This is great guidance, the point about recruiters not having much time to read a whole drawn out cover letter struck a nerve with me, you are absolutely right. Brevity is the way to go, short and sweet.

  9. Mohammed Jizan k

    I found a strong youtube content creator, Nice to meet you sir 🙌🏼

  10. Jack H

    Appreciate your straight to the point style, good tips thanks

  11. Wedding planes

    It worked for me. Thanks Andrew!

  12. Scott Horning

    You are the man Andrew! Great freaking videos. Thank you and God Bless.

  13. Askar Moideen

    Anyone can write here a cover letter with include all these 4 settence??

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