Niall and Kendall Bond Over Their Love for Harry Potter | Love Island 2018

Niall’s grafting hard for some ‘Philosopher’s Stone and chill’ time with Kendall, but he gets Muggled off when Adam tries to Slytherin…
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Trump on Kim: Tough talk … ‘and then we fell in love’

Trump on Kim: Tough talk … ‘and then we fell in love’

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President Donald Trump told a cheering crowd at a campaign rally that there was once tough talk “back and forth” between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “and then we fell in love.”

Trump said at the Saturday night rally in West Virginia: “He wrote me beautiful letters and they’re great letters. We fell in love.”

He joked about criticism he would get from the news media for making a comment some would consider “unpresidential” and for being so positive about the North Korean leader.

“Why has President Trump given up so much?” Trump said in his mock “news anchor” voice. “I didn’t give up anything.”

He noted that Kim is interested in a second meeting after their initial meeting in Singapore in June was hailed by Trump as a big step toward denuclearization of North Korea.

But denuclearization negotiations have stalled.

More than three months after the June summit in Singapore, North Korea’s top diplomat Ri Yong Ho told world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly Saturday that the North doesn’t see a “corresponding response” from the U.S. to North Korea’s early disarmament moves. Instead, he noted, the U.S. is continuing sanctions aimed at keeping up pressure.

Trump took a much more optimistic view in his rally speech.

“We’re doing great with North Korea,” he said. “We were going to war with North Korea. Millions of people would have been killed. Now we have this great relationship.”

He said his efforts to improve relations with Kim have brought positive results — ending rocket tests, helping free hostages and getting the remains of American servicemen returned home.

And he defended his unusual approach in talking about relations with Kim.

“It’s so easy to be presidential, but instead of having 10,000 people outside trying to get into this packed arena, we’d have about 200 people standing right there,” Trump said, pointing at the crowd directly in front of him.

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Your Friends Will Love These Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings

Chef Lawrence Page is back with another amazing recipe! Not only is it delicious, but it’s cheap too, thanks to Basket:

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Amazing Wild Animal Souls, Love, Families, Babies, Parenting Behavior. Humans Have Much To Learn

Capuchin Monkeys rely of babysitter help to care for the newborn. They also teach they babies to literally speak different words like humans do.
Gorilla parenting can be as long as 10 years but pregnant & parenting females court their male to stop other females. This might explain how human monogamy evolved.
Elephants have a very strong mother-calf bond with continues for over a decade. An orphaned calf will be adopted by another female.
Lions are the only social cats who live in big families called prides and they enjoy good fellowship with babies lots of touching, head rubbing, licking and purring.
Dolphins are very social animals parenting continues for up to 2 years. After that dolphins live and travel in groups ranging from 2 to 40 dolphins.
Hyena are matriarchal, and even the lowest ranking female is dominant to the highest ranking male. Hyena clan assigns babysitters to watch the pups.
Baby Giraffe is born giant 150 Pounds and 6 feet tall after 14 month of pregnancy. Female giraffes do, at times, create an animal daycare for babies.
Eagles pair for life. The male Eagle does most of the hunting and scavenging during the early weeks of the chick’s life.
Wild Pigs parents teach their children how to behave. They nudge them into place and correct them with little bumps and nips. Both parents share the care from birth.
Baboons care for their children like humans do. They spend their lives with the same family members from the time they born until the time they die.
Female Lemur members of the group, including those with their own new infants, approach mother-infant pairs, attempting to lick, feed or groom infants.
The father Meerkat usually take an active role in parental care by guarding the young. While mother Meerkat carry young by the nape of the neck.
Prairie Dogs are the most ferocious mothers who won’t hesitate to give their live for the pups.
Capybara parenting (such as suckling, guiding and watching for danger) is shared among all 10 or so adults of both sexes in the group.
Even though most of Monkeys are polygamous, some are really monogamous and would spend all life with their partner rising several generations of babies.