Second Round, Gm 5: Islanders @ Bruins 6/7/21 | NHL Highlights


  1. commenter

    Marchand may have a reputation as a rabble-rouser, but he's underrated as a star player; always making important plays.

  2. Leo P

    I don’t see anyone laughing now when i sad islanders would win in 6 or 7. The bruins after their top line are trash. too many injuries on D and no depth at all. rask as always can never make a save when needed the most.

  3. walter brown

    B Trotz should have stayed with the Washington capitals and they could have gone back to back BUT I wish him and the Islanders to Win the Stanley cup !

  4. lucas D

    They should’ve included footage of the first few penalties against the Bs

  5. sunsetlakethc

    Even Isles fans gotta admit: y'all stole a win here.

  6. Russell Chavous

    How many times did Bergeron get crosschecked in this game, refs always want to be the center of attention, absolutely sickening

  7. Bob Dewey

    Awesome game for the Isles, if they continue to score like this, they can possably win this series and Varlamov he was a solid net-minder. GO ISLES YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


    Boston whining??? Pathetic the rat Marchand gets away with more than anyone in the list of agitators 👹

  9. Obama Obama

    tuuka is selling the bag, our top line is rolling but it was like watching them shoot on an open net.

  10. Matyáš Motl

    As much as I hate Marchand for some of his horrible unsportsmanlike plays he sure is a great player…

  11. Matt's Baseball Card Breaks

    Sounds like a pro Boston announcing team.

  12. Andrew Tredway

    Let’s go ISLES…! Yea baby! Varly with the WAAAL UP , And everyone else with the grit & grind & HEART

  13. Edwin Pink

    How does NY get away with all those penalties? They are a bunch of hacks.

  14. Riley von Bevern

    Islanders are winning games they have no business winning, this team is dangerous, rock the born tomorrow night boys!!!

  15. Matt Sheppeck

    Praying the bruins can overcome the refs

  16. Joshua Clifford

    Goal #1 for islanders what a snipe.
    Goal #2 for the islanders Clifton wtf it’s not that hard to block a pass but it hits both your skates
    Goal #3 for islanders lauzon cover your f ing man god dude why do you suck this series
    Goal #4 for islanders another goal when a bruins player had to stick. Unlucky
    Gg by the way bruins are playing game 6 islanders win 4-2

  17. Graham W

    The shots should tell you how much the B’s should’ve dominated this game, Rask was slow, Varlamov was just better it sucks but I hope the boys can pull thru and push this to seven

  18. poppanolan

    Bruins have gotten away with so much cheap, fake tough guy, cross checks and slashes and they are crying. It’s insane how detached from reality they are. Cassidy cries more than Crosby on his period!

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