RAM – Defile (Best Kanaval 2008 song & video)

RAM - Defile (Best Kanaval 2008 song & video)

Definitely my favorite kanaval song this year. Appreciate the shout-out to one of the bravest men in the history of this world.

Background: RAM (stands for the initial of its founder) is one of the most prominent vodou-themed bands in Rasin (roots) music. Created in 1990 by Richard A. Morse, an American-born man (Mother is Emerante de Pradines, Haitian folklore dancer and singer) who moved to Port-au-Prince, seeking to explore Haitian and Caribbean music, RAM is known for its interesting fusion of traditional music and rock n’ roll. As beloved as they are and known for being the people’s voice, the group has survived kidnapping threats, assissination attempts due to their political lyrics and speaking out against the government, making their mark known especially under the oppressive regime of Raoul Cedras (1991-1994).
Richard, and his wife Lunise are the group’s lead singers.

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