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WHAT IS THE BEST DOG FOR MY FAMILY…Maybe the Flat Coated Retriever


hey guuys heres a great active dog the Flat Coated Retriever
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Image by thirdrail

X Litter – PBGV puppies


4 weeks old. 4 males and 3 females
Erquy Eus Bro ar Gwesklen X Chaparral’s Spot On
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And then there were two


And then there were two
Image by Fabio Slongo

Ubuntu Dapper Drake


Ubuntu Dapper Drake
Image by Allan Reyes
flavors of ubuntu

Shih Tzu & Malshi Puppies, First Time Dog Owners


Finally after 20 long years of the Wife wanting a Dog we end up getting two puppies! a very cute Shih Tzu & Malshi dog puppy, I finally basically buckled under the pressure of my wife hounding me ” excuse the pun” for so many years and now we have two puppies as an addition to the rix family.

Shih Tzu Appearance

The Shih Tzu is a sturdy little dog with a short muzzle and large dark eyes. They have a soft and long double coat. Although sometimes long, a Shih Tzu will not always have extremely lengthy hair like the pekingese(but with short legs). Some of them have more short, curly hair. This is purely a choice made by the owners. A Shih Tzu should stand no more than 26.7 cm (10½ in.) at the withers and with an ideal weight of 4.5 to 7.3 kg (10 to 16 lbs). Drop ears are covered with long fur, and the heavily furred tail is carried curled over the back. The coat may be of any color, though white and with blazes of grey are frequently seen. The Shih Tzu is slightly longer than tall, and bigger dogs ideally should carry themselves “with distinctly arrogant carriage”. A very noticeable feature is the underbite, which is required in the breed standard.[3]

The traditional long silky coat, which reaches the floor, requires daily brushing to avoid tangles. Because of their long coat and fast-growing hair, regular grooming is necessary, which may be expensive and should be taken into account when considering adopting one of this breed. Often, the coat is clipped short to simplify care, but the coat still requires daily brushing. For conformation showing, the coat must be left in its natural state, though trimming for neatness around the feet and anus is allowed. The shorter cut is typically called a “puppy cut”[4] or a “teddy bear cut” when the puppy cut is accompanied by a fuller, rounder face, resembling a stuffed animal.

Shih Tzu Temperament
Although an individual Shih Tzu’s temperament varies from dog to dog, the breed has a personality and temperament that is loyal, affectionate, outgoing, cute and alert. They tend to be possessive around other dogs. Training and proper socializing must start at a young age for the Shih Tzu to obey basic commands, for the Shih Tzu is prone to stubbornness when it comes to training. While the Shih Tzu is an excellent watchdog because of its alert and active nature, it was not specifically bred for this purpose. Unlike the Lhasa Apso, which was bred to be a sentinel dog that enjoys high perches and is wary of strangers, the Shih Tzu prefers to be close to its companions and will often offer strangers its affection. Because of its friendly nature, the Shih Tzu tends to interact well with other dogs and with children and adults.[5] They may be a little temperamental with hyper or larger breeds, but generally the Shih Tzu gets along well with other pets. They are generally well behaved and suitable for families.

Mal-shi, also known as Malshi, Malt-tzu, Maltzu, and Malti-zu, are a type of designer dog resulting from a cross between a purebred Maltese and a purebred Shih Tzu. Most Mal-shis are F1 crosses, as there has been little interest in developing the dog as a breed. They are not recognized by any major kennel club.

Mal-Shi’s are known to be the most popular designer dog. They are best for families with children, a couple, or even seniors. They can live in any type of home, whether an apartment or a house with or without a yard. They are known to be a very loving, affectionate, and joy to be around type of dog. Because of their mixed breed, they get the personality from the Maltese and Shih Tzu. They are quite fast learners too, which makes it easier to teach them many tricks.

Because they do not shed, mal-shis need to be groomed often(trze). Sometimes this breed can also have some health problems because of their size, flat face, and small wind pipe. Some mal-shis suffer from White Shaker Syndrome, malformed knee joints, known as patellar luxation, which causes internal friction and can eventually cause arthritis. Mal-shis have a life expectancy of around 12 – 14 years.

Mal-Shi’s exercise will vary depending who their owner is. If their owner is active, they will be active with them. If someone is more relaxed and laid-back, they will be with them as well. Daily exercise like walking is always an option for the Mal-Shi. About 10 to 15 minutes of play time a day will keep them healthy.

Mal-Shi’s usually get an average amount of food each meal. Around a quarter to half a cup of food a day, divided into two meals.

Cow-pea (Vigna luteola)


Cow-pea (Vigna luteola)
The Black Eyed Peas
Image by bob in swamp
A cow-pea blossom (not cow-pee…that’s something else) at Juno Dunes Natural Area with the ever-present ant friends who protect it. This member of the Fabaceae is in the same genus as the black eyed pea and mung bean. It is the larval host plant for cassius blue and several other butterflies and is sometimes used as cattle forage as it is quite tasty (to a cow) and high in protein. It’s also a good nitrogen fixer. This is another species with extrafloral nectaries which attract ant protectors and "support a round-the-clock ant guard that may protect the flowers and fruits from predators". *

*Ants and plants with extrafloral nectaries in fire successional habitats on Andros (Bahamas).

Redbone Coonhounds Hunting Rabbit Through Beautiful But Dangerous Terrains.


These dogs are amazing! They’re wonderful house pets, great hunters and obedient companions.

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John Bonham – Led Zeppelin – photo: Dina Regine


John Bonham – Led Zeppelin – photo: Dina Regine
Led Zeppelin
Image by Dina Regine
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Belgian Tervuren VS Malinois


Belgian Tervuren VS Malinois

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Hello in this video we make a Characteristics comparison between
Belgian Tervuren and Belgian Malinois, This Video is Educative, Not to Inspire Conflicts, You can not use this for political reason or any other reason.

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And then there were two