LIVE European Boxing Qualifiers for Tokyo 2020! Day 5


  1. A Sidikov

    Батыргазиев пристрелялся , круто

  2. Red eagle

    Thanks Olympic channel for sharing this amazing event with us. We appreciate it

  3. Non K

    Sürmeneli what a skill 🤲🏻🤲🏻

  4. ميثم جعفر حسن موسى

    Level boxing is a weak

  5. Gerant Studio

    Khyzniak and Bakshi real monsters. better than most of the pro fights. Congrats👊🥊

  6. Oliver Wojnach

    A New Postponement Japan 2022 “C’mon IOC!”

  7. Ken Stone

    why so many walkovers? are they just calling it a day after getting the spot for Tokyo?

  8. tv를 껐네

    JAPAN MUST Correct the wrong map! DOKDO is KOREAN ISLAND! The IOC must remember what it said during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

  9. S. M.

    Why America doesn't have their respective elimination tournament? There are athletes who only compite for an olympic clasification and no figure in your stupid rankings, imagine boxers have been unable to participate in Tokyo 2021 because your arbitrary decisions.

  10. Kravtsov Pro Boxing Coach


  11. Liam Live

    cool they put joe joyce on the thumbnail

  12. the PUG THUG

    Mr bean boy u there my g

  13. John Smith

    Khyzniak is a beast😮

  14. Алексей Дятко


  15. Евгений Достоевский

    63, 69 kg?

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