Let's talk about dying – Peter Saul


  1. DatGuy

    Personally I really don't want to die. For me personally, there seems to be nothing worse than being nothing.

  2. Laura Babarovic

    Terrified of death.. Just thinking about it makes me sad, because I can't imagine nothing. There is always tought, feeling, desire for something while alive..

  3. Harold Govender

    This talk is quite amazing. I did a random search and this talk popped up. Here I am just having come back from visiting my 97 yr old Mum who has had yet another fall and undergone treatment. It breaks my heart to see her condition deteriorate. It's as though we are watching her die in slow motion and are helpless in so many respects.
    I pray that our merciful God will take her peacefully. I was really hoping that this talk could go on much longer as the subject is so relevant to us and stopped just short of giving us some coping skills.
    I have often pondered that the precise day that a child is born can be predicted fairly accurately but the how and when death comes knocking is such a mysterious and traumatic event. It's almost a flaw by design?

  4. Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    Are you really living if you are constantly worried about dying? Maybe if you lived some more, death wouldnt be so scary


    I feel like death shouldn't be as taboo as people make it. I know it sucks to lose, and boy do I know and made peace with it. Hate to say it now when someone dies I'm sad for a day or 2 and move on, that person or pet, no matter the bond, would at some point want you to go on…. keep going… move on because its guaranteed. Theres nothing I or you the medical field can ever do to stop it. If it's going to happen it will its guaranteed and in life there almost nothing that is guaranteed.

    We have this false sense of security and reality that we wake up and everything will be the same… we wake up, see and hear from everyone we love, have our cup of Java tea or water, head to work, we work, have lunch, work more, get off go home, eat dinner, partake in a hobby or recreation finally unwind on holidays weekends and odd days off.

    Anyway with that said in 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute, and 1 second your life can change by will or by fate or more or less chance. What I've come to realize nothing is scarier than life and its experiences and nothing as far as I know is more enjoyable than lifes experiences. We don't know anything about death. So why fear it? When this whole pandemic hit, my biggest urk with society, was how people all of sudden realized their mortality. People called friends, realized things, tried new things, made amends, learned about the things that actually mattered ect. Did things that they felt they should before it all "ends" And thats great…. except, did you forget everyday you have a 75% of dying. Believe it or not the odds are really that high. You drive to work, in semi safe metal box filled with a bunch of combustible components, thats are capable of traveling at speed thats are 35-75mph,
    Let alone the 1000s of other drivers, some maybe inebriated on pharmaceuticals to booze or drugs or some miscalculation .Theres a million things every single day. That for sure can kill you…. anything a playing card, a rock, a grain of sand, anything. So why now? Everyday can be your last. If you hate your life… change it. If you can't stand your boss, quit… go find that dream job. If you lonely find a friend, theoretically theres someone who needs one. Is there a person you like? Go pursue them let them know. In my small 30 years thats about to end if there one thing i can tell you.or piece of advice it's don't live in regret. All im saying is don't let death scare you, let it drive to to do everything now. Get right with the one person who never left your side …. you. Do what you wilt.
    Go be you and don't ever look back because you'll miss the beautiful future you can make.

  6. David Paar


  7. Meena Cleland

    This is so helpful my husband is dying of weak heart and failing kidneys and he was given a choice to make the decision and was respected I live in BC and I am grateful we are doing what you suggested was helpful to me

  8. John Baugh

    I work in an ER. I told my coworkers I only want 15 minutes of CPR if I have a witnessed arrest and immediate resuscitation. Otherwise, let me go. My wife knows my wishes as well. My mother had a large stroke in 2007, and I knew her wishes. Same with grandpa. They all died peacefully with family around them. They had great deaths. I would like mine to be one as well. I don’t know when I’ll die, but I know how I don’t want to die.

  9. Luca Figueiredo

    I have a rare genetic disease that is supposed to lower my life expectancy, even though I'm young and alright as of now its very hard to acknowledge how the end will happen.

  10. A Singh 10

    its all about how we train the mind. there's immense power in the mind

  11. Nate Briggs

    Not impressed.
    He's totally opposed to euthanasia – but doesn't have the balls to say out loud what he thinks we should do instead: murder by social consensus.
    He doesn't want loved ones to tell Grandma "you decide when it's time".
    But he's fine with loved ones telling Grandma "when we think it's your time to go we'll just stand back and watch – no heroic efforts, no extreme measures".
    The thing is: he refuses to declare himself in a clear, unqualified way (because the audience wouldn't go for that).
    It's bait-and-switch really.
    After saying he's going to be blunt about end of life care, he veers away from the uncomfortable part of the discussion.
    He begins by saying how hard it is to talk about death – and then proves that with his own text.
    He doesn't want to do it, either.
    Bait-and-switch. Thumbs down on this one.

  12. Alessandro Pereira Silva

    This Channel should me more subscriptors;

  13. Annette Gustafson

    It's not the dying I fear as much as the pain and discomfort associated with it.

  14. Soulless Bunny

    "The 21 century is shaping up to be a bit of at train wreck" Well, that's not wrong.

  15. Jokel

    First of all… "The truth will set you free" is a quote from Jesus, but apparently somebody added to it.

  16. Leroy Murray

    This guy needs to go the his doctor and get his mouth fixed. Is he saying 18 or 80 ?


    welcome to the party

  18. Ray's Room

    i like how he's chuckling as well as the audience its nice to see people bond like this over the idea of death

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