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April 10, 2019

‘What if we kissed’ memes have people fantasizing about making out in odd places

Crush culture has taken the internet in some pretty bizarre directions, but this meme is maybe the strangest. 
Everyone at some point or another has engaged in light Twitter stalking or a liking spree on their favorite internet personality’s Ins…

April 8, 2019

‘According to my calculations’ is the latest hot take meme

I’m no math whiz, but I know a calculator when I see one. 
Twitter users have started drawing a cute little calculator out of numbers and dashes, and there’s a small chunk of space for several words. It’s the perfect place to express your hot ta…

April 4, 2019

The ‘Car Alarm Challenge’ is here to shatter everyone’s eardrums

We regret to inform you that one of the most annoying sounds in the world has inspired an internet challenge.
After Twitter user @P_gibb shared a video herself impressively mimicking a car alarm in late March, others decided to see if they shared her…

April 1, 2019

We Regret to Inform You Elon Musk Has Released a Rap Single About Harambe

If there’s something absolutely no one other than Elon Musk woke up this weekend thinking, it is “Elon Musk should release a rap single about Harambe, the tragically slain gorilla that became a meme nearly three years ago, after which said meme subsequ…