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April 10, 2019

Facebook unveils yet another tired plan to reduce ‘problematic content’

Surely, this will be the policy change that fixes things. 
On April 10, Facebook unveiled an updated plan to reduce “problematic content” on the platform, detailing in an almost 2,000-word blog post its latest and greatest techniques for keeping…

April 1, 2019

Facebook’s plans for a ‘high quality news tab’ sure sound like a swipe at Apple News+

Facebook doesn’t actually want to quit the news game — and Apple should watch out.
One year ago, Facebook responded to criticism of how fake news and political animosity spread on Facebook by committing the platform to content about family and …

April 1, 2019

Facebook may add a dedicated news tab later this year

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed he may add a dedicated tab for "high-quality news" to Facebook, perhaps by the end of the year. The section would reportedly be free for users, though Facebook might pay publishers whose work is featured….