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April 10, 2019

Black Hole Image Revealed for First Time Ever

Astronomers at last have captured a picture of the darkest entities in the cosmos.

March 30, 2019

Ocean Cleanup Foundation Plans Relaunch of Giant Plastic-Catching Trap

On Friday the Ocean Cleanup project posted a status update after their giant U-shaped plastic trap lost a 60-foot section in January and had to be towed back to land:

During the first four months that the system was offshore, we were able to confirm m…

March 30, 2019

New York Becomes America’s Third State To Ban Plastic Bags

An anonymous reader quotes the Associated Press:
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and fellow Democrats who control the Legislature have reached a deal to make New York the third state with a ban on single-use plastic grocery bags as they worked to finalize budget agr…