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April 10, 2019

Don’t Pay Debit on Anything You Can’t Afford to Lose

Last week, budget airline Wow Air went out of business, canceling all flights and stranding passengers wherever they happened to be at the time.Read more…

April 4, 2019

Why No Deleveraging ?

Great collection of charts by John Authers and Lauren Leatherby looking at “The Decade of Deleveraging Didn’t Quite Turn Out That Way.” “This was the decade of de-leveraging that wasn’t. A decade ago, as the world began to piece the f…

April 2, 2019

500% Loans and Confession of Judgment

If you’re running a small business in America and you need to borrow money, you may be forced to sign a “Confession of Judgment” – an obscure legal document that gives your lender the right to seize your assets with no trial or …