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April 10, 2019

GamesBeat Summit 2019: Talks on refugees, peace, climate change, and accessibility

GamesBeat Summit 2019 will feature more than 90 speakers, including talks on gaming communities related to refugees, peace, climate change, and accessibility.

April 10, 2019

Xbox Game Pass adding Monster Hunter: World, Prey, and more

Microsoft announced a new batch of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass throughout April, including some third-party heavy hitters like Monster Hunter: World.

April 10, 2019

Nomadic unveils Arizona Sunshine: Rampage for VR arcades

Nomadic has unveiled a sequel to its virtual reality arcade first-person shooter game Arizona Sunshine. The new title is dubbed Arizona Sunshine: Rampage.

April 8, 2019

Kabam partners with NetEase to bring Marvel Contest of Champions to China

Kabam announced today that it is partnering with NetEase to bring the mobile fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions to China.

April 8, 2019

Tilting Point pumps up existing mobile games with big marketing campaigns

Tilting Point takes existing mobile games and uses its expertise to acquire users efficiently with big marketing campaigns.

April 4, 2019

Video: How Elastic Games created its love letter to ’90s horror films

Unlike most horror games, the asymmetrical multiplayer game Last Year: The Nightmare leans more to the campy vibe of ‘90s slasher flicks.

April 4, 2019

The Walking Dead finale — How Skybound labored to ship the final episode

Ian Howe, CEO of Skybound Games, talks about how the company rushed to acquire Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season and published it.

April 4, 2019

Sensor Tower — Elder Scrolls: Blades hits 1 million iOS downloads in first week of early access

The Elder Scrolls: Blades reached 1 million downloads on iOS one week after being available by invitation only early access.

April 4, 2019

Niantic lines up real-world global events for Pokémon Go

Niantic, and The Pokémon Company International have announced they will continue to build on their real-world events with the Pokémon Go Summer Tour 2019.

April 4, 2019

SuperData Arcade Forecaster predicts the future performance of digital games

Nielsen’s SuperData said it has created a tool that enables game developers and publishers to predict the future digital sales of a game.

April 3, 2019

Ubisoft Winnipeg guides Ubisoft’s use of AI and cloud computing to make bigger, better games

Ubisoft Winnipeg’s Darryl Long details how his studio uses AI and cloud computing to help the French publisher make massive games — quicker and better.

April 1, 2019

Sony’s PlayStation Store update adds refunds for preorders

Sony has updated its refund policy for its digital gaming store. The PlayStation Store will now allow refunds for preordered digital games.

March 31, 2019

Rec Room is coming to Oculus Quest

Quest is due to launch this spring too, so it’s likely Rec Room will arrive alongside it.

March 31, 2019

Control hands-on — Remedy’s next game is easy to, uh, control

Remedy launches its Control supernatural third-person action adventure game on the consoles and PC on August 27. Dean Takahashi played it at PAX East.

March 31, 2019

Razer launches first Xbox One wireless keyboard and mouse

Razer is launching the Razer Turret, a wireless keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One video game console.

March 31, 2019

Robo Recall on Oculus Quest is a noticeable downgrade from Rift

We knew that Robo Recall was coming to Quest and we assumed that it would have to be a heavy downgrade, but seeing it in action was still a bit of a shock.

March 30, 2019

Dreams won’t support PSVR in early access

Good news: the Dreams Early Access launch is just a few weeks away. Bad news: it definitely won’t support PSVR. For now, at least.

March 30, 2019

Rovio CEO — Taking Angry Birds to movies, augmented reality, and beyond

Kati Levoranta, CEO of Rovio, wants to take Angry Birds beyond the 4 billion or so people that it has already reached.

March 30, 2019

Scape uses your phone for geo-located AR

We may all be looking forward to the day HoloLens and Magic Leap are affordable, but smartphone AR still has plenty of room to grow.

March 29, 2019

The RetroBeat: Mega Man 3 makes for an incredible live soundtrack performance via Bit Brigade

Bit Brigade performs classic video game soundtracks while someone speedruns the title live, and it’s awesome.

March 29, 2019

Classic castle-crawling adventure game Shadowgate comes to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

Abstraction Games announced today that Shadowgate will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 11.

March 29, 2019

The DeanBeat: The accidental game companies have become intentional

The accidental game companies — big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple — have now become intentional game companies.

March 29, 2019

Phil Harrison’s next stop is at the GamesBeat Summit

Phil Harrison, vice president at Google in charge of the Stadia cloud gaming platform, will be a speaker at GamesBeat Summit 2019.

March 28, 2019

Twitch Prime members can get 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is already a pretty affordable service, but now Twitch Prime members can try it at no additional cost.