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The S is not for spooning

It’s that time of year again.

Days ahead of when Apple’s set to launch the iPhone 5C and 5S, early reviews of the devices are here.

Like with last year’s iPhone 5, the consensus is predominantly positive for both devices, with critics lauding the speed and accuracy of the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the 5S.

CNET’s own senior editor Scott Stein rated both devices four out of five stars, calling the iPhone 5C “a great $99 phone that basically replicates the well-reviewed iPhone 5 in a more colorful case.” Stein praised the 5S’ speed and new features, but noted that buyers will “have to settle for the same design and screen size” as last year’s model.

You can read CNET’s entire reviews of <a website iPhone 5S and <a website iPhone 5C right here.

Some of the highlights from the other reviews around the Web tonight:

David Pogue for The New York Times says:

Apple still believes in superb design and tremendous polish. The iPhone is no longer the only smartphone that will keep you delighted for the length of your two-year contract — but it’s still among the few that will.

Ed Baig for USA Today says:

I can strongly recommend either new iPhone but especially the 5s. But with iOS 7 dressing up your current device, you may not have to upgrade right away.

Walt Mossberg for AllThingsD (and The Wall Street Journal) says the iPhone 5S “is a delight,” and “the best smartphone on the market,” though he knocks the keyboard, which he complains cannot be augmented with third-party software keyboards.

While Lauren Goode, also of AllThingsD says of the iPhone 5C:

While the 5C looks and feels very familiar, it’s still a good phone and an improvement over the 5. But its improvements are evolutionary, not revolutionary.