1. Luisa Mack

    Hi Jess, as everyone else has said, I love your hair. Are you growing it?- it suits you. I really like the Cos jeans , having linked through to their website I would never have looked at them had I seen them first on their website because the model they've used is very thin and the jeans swamp her. I might go and take a look at them in my local Cos. Have a great Sunday x

  2. stephanie collins

    Morning Jess, I get so much inspiration from your clips and I really trust your recommends.
    I am on the look out for a very smart understated outfit for my daughters very casual wedding in august ( their colour is sage green )
    It was a great surprise to see the sage green linen blazer from jigsaw
    Many thanks for all your research 👍🇮🇪👍

  3. Dee Movingbeats

    Always love your style. For me add some pastels have lots of pop colours tops etc. Defo like new jeans trend 😀

  4. Sonia Worley

    Like the fact that you are not strictly advertising few high street shops, like most other u tubeer.

  5. Teresa Quenneville

    Great ideas as usual!!

  6. Flavia Giovannelli-Egger

    Hello! But where is the red dress with flowers???

  7. Karin Leybaert

    Where is the white trench from, the one you showed first?

  8. Karin Leybaert

    Hi Jess, love the way you picked wearable interpretations, so helpfull and chic. Thanks for the inspiration 😘

  9. Isabel Castaneda


  10. gypsyeyesprairieskies

    Loving this so far! You look like the actress (Lauren German) who plays "Chloe DECKER" on Lucifer! Love the sheers.🌎🌏🌍🌹🌍xo Joanne

  11. Jo Rooke

    Hey gorgeous side parting 😍. Hope you're OK lovely, just read a comment you wrote which is a little concerning, fingers crossed its just routine. Loved this, I've got some linens in my wardrobe this season and love the pastel trend, I think that always looks nice in summer whether on trend or not. Big hugs x

  12. Mary Moskowitz

    Hi Jess, Always love your contributions. I particularity love linen!
    Your hair & make-up are lovely!

  13. Cavelle Ardiel

    You are a beautiful woman and I have to say you are really bringing it out today!!

  14. Sheila Kosoff

    You look amazing! I love your makeup and your hair! I love how you were inspired by film.

  15. Shirley Anderson

    Excellent video…new subscriber here. Thank you.

  16. Jules M

    Greetings from Melbourne Jess. To be frank, it is horrible here at the moment. We are in lockdown again and at the moment it’s freezing – a storm is raging from the Antarctic…lovely to watch your summer trends ❤️😊

  17. N P

    Jessica, I love how you tied the cardigan you were wearing. Also, your side part looks fresh! Have a lovely week. 😉

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