Boris Johnson to face parliamentary inquiry into alleged lies about lockdown parties

British lawmakers on Thursday ordered an investigation into Prime Minister Boris Johnson for allegedly lying about whether he broke coronavirus restrictions by attending illegal gatherings during the pandemic. The move would put more pressure on a Conservative prime minister whose grip on power has been shaken by claims he flouted the pandemic rules he imposed […]

Montreal family suffers double-tragedy after father dies in plane crash, son in ferris wheel accident

A Montreal family is reeling from a double-tragedy, after the father died in a small plane crash near the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, just months after his son died in a work-related ferris wheel accident last December. Gamaniel Valcin’s death in Haiti was confirmed to CBC News by his other son Thursday morning. The plane was headed […]

Quebec court upholds Montreal suburb’s crackdown on unsolicited flyers

A Quebec Superior Court has ruled that a suburb north of Montreal is allowed to stop the distribution of advertisement flyers to homeowners unless they specifically request a plastic bag full of colourful coupons and promotional materials be dropped off at their doorstep. The Wednesday ruling settled the dispute between Mirabel, Que., and TC Transcontinental, […]

Ottawa, N.L. disagree on who will foot hefty Bay du Nord royalty bill

Canada could soon be the first country on Earth to pay millions of dollars in international oil royalties as a consequence of the Bay du Nord megaproject in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore — but just how that bill gets paid remains to be seen. Article 82 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) allows countries like Canada — […]

Russian Doll Season 2 is a messy, but fascinating, sequel to Netflix’s best show

Really, the impact of Russian Doll‘s first season can’t be understated.  The show was a smash hit, gained wide critical acclaim, and became an Emmy winner all on the strength of a script that didn’t seem to follow any conventional guidelines. The trippy, mind-bending narrative challenged what stories TV can tell, performed as one of the most […]

Cherry blossom madness: How far will you go for the perfect cherry blossom picture?

As Vancouverites are enjoying the sight of cherry blossom trees on the streets — and on their social media timelines — one B.C. woman is documenting the lengths people go in their quest for the perfect cherry blossom photo. Designer LeLe Chan started the Instagram account, Cherry Blossom Madness, where she posts photos not only of cherry blossoms, but also the people trying […]