5 de enero no cambios en flickr sin opciones

5 de enero no cambios en flickr sin opciones
layouts for my space
Image by Diaz De Vivar Gustavo
Beta is a test preview of the change that is getting ready to be implemented soon. It can be for a limited group of flickr members, intended to seek feedback and correct faults ( if any), before it is made public.
Change is good and public has always welcomed good changes. The preference for Windows XP by most people even after the introduction of Vista is a classic example of public acceptance. The public liked and preferred the predecessor ( Windows XP ) and the follower ( Windows 7 and Windows 8 ) versions of Vista. A change is good and often gladly welcomed by public, if it provides more utilities and user friendliness, without depriving even a single advantage of the predecessor.
The Beta version is unacceptable to the majority of Flickr users* ( who happened to experience it ) , because it’s not user friendly and has only disadvantages to mention. *Please check the Beta feedback : Completed / Top ideas / Hot ideas

The layout itself is a disaster. Please check : Try our new photo experience beta / Comment box
However they try, it’s quite evident that it’s impossible to provide more space for descriptions, comment box, and comments; not to mention comments with pictures , group invites / awards. The more they try to fix it, the more cumbersome it becomes. The buddy icons now appear as dots making the page more unaesthetic than what you see in the earlier pictures of beta . They are desperately trying to make it appealing and user friendly, which is literally impossible with the proposed layout .
It’s a big challenge for the programmers to try find means to provide more space in a vertical column which is already cramped.
Is it possible to make a rugby stadium inside a 100 square feet ground ?

Paginas de referencia para ver

www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11461406716/in/photos…





Français :

J’aime Flickr
J’aime Flickr jour – 5 janvier 2014
Les changements proposés vont ruiner Flickr.
Si la nouvelle photo expérience de est mis en œuvre sans option, je vais déciderai à boycotter et appel également tous mes amis et les famille à boycotter toutes les marques / produits qui affichent des publicités sur Yahoo.


Deutsch :

Ich liebe Flickr !

Ich liebe Flickr -Tag am 5. Januar 2014
Die geplanten Änderungen werden Flickr ruinieren.
Wenn die neue Gestaltung von Flickr ohne Wahlmöglichkeit verpflichtend eingeführt wird, werde ich boykottieren und an alle meine Freunde, Kontakte und Familienmtglieder appelieren, in Zukunft alle Marken/Produkte zu boykottieren, die bei Yahoo werben.


Spanish :

Por favor únase a la campaña, si no te gusta el diseño de la nueva propuesta flickr.
Descargue la imagen y subirla a su galeria el domingo 5 de enero de 2014. Usted puede hacer su propia imagen tambien con el texto como se ve en esta imagen (o de naturaleza similar, el objetivo de hacer un uso seguro enfatizar el boicot), en cualquier idioma de su elección. Ejemplo si la nueva experiencia fotográfica se realiza sin opcion , voy a decidir boicotear y también llamar a todos mis amigos y familiares a boicotear todas las marcas / productos que muestran anuncios en Yahoo .
Por favor, distribuirlo y recordar a subirlo a Domingo, 05 de enero 2014 (o antes, si usted sabe que va a estar fuera el 5 de enero)


In Italian :

Che amo Flickr
Amo giorno Flickr – 5 GENNAIO 2014
Le modifiche proposte rovinare Flickr .
Se la nuova esperienza foto è attuato senza l’opzione , deciderò di boicottare e anche chiamare tutti i miei amici e la famiglia di boicottare tutti i marchi / prodotti che visualizzano gli annunci su Yahoo .


In Portugues

Eu amo Flickr
Eu amo Flickr dia – 05 de janeiro de 2014
As alterações propostas não estragar Flickr.
Se a nova experiência foto é implementado sem a opção, vou decidir boicotar e também chamar todos os meus amigos e família para boicotar todas as marcas / produtos que exibem anúncios no Yahoo.


Greek :
(really thank you Tania my dear friend for your clarification ), I put here

"I love Flickr day – January 5, 2014" .
We might use the word "υποστηρίζω" which means "support" in English…
I ‘ll try to translate now the text…

"Αγαπώ το Flickr.
Υποστηρίζω την Hμέρα για το Flickr της 5ης Ιανουαρίου 2014.
Οι προτεινόμενες αλλαγές πρόκειται να καταστρέψουν το Flickr.
Εάν η νέα παρουσίαση/εμπειρία εφαρμοστεί χωρίς να δίνεται η
δυνατότητα εναλλακτικής επιλογής, θα αποφασίσω να μποϊκοτάρω
όλες τις μάρκες / προϊόντα που εμφανίζουν διαφημίσεις στη Yahoo
και θα καλέσω τους φίλους και την οικογένειά μου να πράξουν το ίδιο."

On this day I received Many emails asking how I transcribe them in another language our request, here are some that I translated, others were given to me, now I only need one in Portuguese and one in Italian. If someone wants to help me, I would greatly appreciate it
Thank you very much again