At the Vet’s 6 – Explored September 17, 2014

At the Vet’s 6 – Explored September 17, 2014
Image by Anne Worner
Flash waiting (along with his owners) for a diagnosis. Flash is severely anemic, which showed up on a full blood work panel. Another test was done to rule out FiV/Leukemia, which was negative in this current blood work, but not conclusive. Currently taking medicine to see if he responds – it is possible he has a blood infection which can be caused by flea bites. We are seeing a specialist on Friday – if the blood work shows improvement, I will take a deep breath of relief. If not, further workup will be necessary and they will then be looking for cancer. Poor little putput.

September 19 – Today Flash is 14 years old! I have notes from the veterinarian at the specialty hospital: "I did not find any obvious masses, lymph node enlargements organ enlargements (ultrasound and x-ray). My concerns are focused on bone marrow (cancer, feline leukemia in the bone marrow, previous insult to the bone marrow leading to damage.) I am submitting a blood sample to have the lab look to see if there is any evidence of red cell regeneration, as well as the off chance of any odd circulating cells from the bone marrow. Continue doxycyline, and now prednisolone suspension 2x daily. The purpose of the cell evaluation is to help better know how long we should give the streoid to see if it will be helpful to Flash. If the bone marrow does not appear healthy with regard to the red-cells, it could take 4 weeks to know if the steroid is helpful. If the bone marrow is trying to regenerate, we hope for a response in 7-14 days (if this medication is going to work)."

So, now it’s wait and see, if this doesn’t work, we might be looking at cancer, and then it comes down to keeping him comfortable. We are not willing to give a cat chemotherapy if the diagnosis turns out to be cancer. He is hiding in a closet right now – they shaved his tummy to do the ultrasound.

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