For more, visit | Elegant and eye-catching, the Great Pyrenees is a great guard dog.
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  1. I have a Pyrenees border collie mix named Bowie. He’s the sweetest thing😊 he is very attached and protective of me and I’ve only had him for a few months. He’s 10 months old but he’s HUGE. I love him😊

  2. I was watching this video because I’m currently taking care of a Great Pyrenees. Funny enough that but about them not being apartment dogs, u see he was given to our foster agency because his owners lived in a small Baltimore apartment and didn’t know he was going to get that big. They don’t even get the excuse that they didn’t know what kind of dog it was because he is a pure breed!

  3. I once had a Great Pyr mixed with some other breed (Collie, we think?) and dang, that was the sweetest, more gentle, and attentive dog we've ever had. He even tried to herd people when they were in the pool, and was always patrolling around groups to 'keep an eye on us' for the safety of everyone. He passed away at 15, but he was a faithful doggie 'til the end.

  4. This is the best breed of dog I've ever owned! My 3 year old Pyr is o calm and collected but also loves long walks and shes super protective. Just got a Pyr/maremma pup and hes estimated to be 130lbs.

  5. My Pyrenees is a NUT. He’s crazy. He barks a ton and loves to jump on people. But he’s very sweet and he’s very protective of my family. A little too much sometimes. But he’s only 11 months old so we’ll make sure to train him

  6. My grandmas niegbors r moving around may 8 to 13 and have to leave thier dog to go to California and im in oklahoma and she lives in the country and so we r probably going to have to keep it and its a great pyrnees and german Shepard and my friend has a great pyrnees that bit my hand it has a scar about near november


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