The most amazing Malinois videos on the internet! Every now and then I see a really cool video of a Malinois doing something awesome, but then when I want to see it again, or show it to someone the video, I can never find it. So I compiled the best Malinois action videos I could find! I will be getting a Malinois puppy in the near future, so here’s a video showing what these amazing dogs can do!
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  1. Im so happy to have a belgian malinois pet they are really amazing dog… Its been 5 years together wit RAMBO my belgian malinois

  2. That is amazing!! I have a Belgian Malinois, her name is nalla and she is 7 months old, and she is getting trained, I can’t wait for to be a guard dog and protect our family, now I realized how lucky I am to have her!❤️


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