The Siberian Husky is probably one of the most popular Nordic dogs in the world. While
there’s nothing compared to spending time with this loyal and affectionate dog, you can
get to know it a little more by learning some interesting facts. AnimalWised brings you 10
things you didn’t know about the Siberian Husky. In doing so, you can get to know this
wonderful breed a little more, whether or not you have adopted one yourself.

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  1. My baby is a an albino sled dog….sleeping on my feet just now…I wouldnt trade her for any other dog…person…amount of money….or anything else in the world….these dogs are unbelievably amazing companions….smartest breed I've ever known…..much more like a human child….they deserve the best possible treatment please make more videos on thier needs….people need to know how to nurture them. Thank you for this video..😊

  2. Already knew all of these so I was a little disappointed lol
    But we just rescued a 9 month old red husky with ice blue eyes. She's so energetic and smart it's amazing.

  3. You know what bugs me? Chinese people think that Huskies are stupid because of how they destroy homes.

    They are not.

    They only do that because Chinese do not know how to train dogs, and they don’t walk their dogs. Huskies only do that if they don’t get their daily exercise. Maybe people shouldn’t get Huskies if all their gonna do is call the stupid and not know how to care for them.

    I’m not hating on Chinese- I am Chinese myself. And not all Chinese are like that, but I’m saying most, and it really pisses me off. Most Chinese people don’t see the beauty in animals.

  4. no, Husky is not a smart breed at all…They are grean helpers for humans but smart….no…. And it makes me so sad that people buy then because of Game of Thrones. This dog needs spesial care and never ever should be kept in apartment.

  5. We have had four of these wonderful dogs and if not for the fact that my wife and myself are at an age where we can't devote the time to properly exercise another Siberian Husky we would have one again. We would encourage anyone who is considering the purchase or adoption of a Siberian Husky to thoroughly research the breed.The Siberian Husky is a wonderful companion but does require heaps of attention and lots of loving. A book that is an excellent reference of the breed is in the series of books An Owner's Guide to A Happy Healthy Pet. The Siberian Husky ISBN 0-87605-395-9.

  6. So the Huskies would react to this and go for it that's how you tell a dog lover not a dog but a husky to go for that tell you to ask you to go for just so much it's simple

  7. If you want to tell a dog to go husky if you want to tell husky to go forward and say much because Marsh is one of the words that all the people that live in English in the word Marsh to go forward

  8. I don't think anyone mentioned this but Siberian Huskies have remarkable language skills. You can talk to them like you would a human and they understand you. They are truly amazing!! They are also incredibly stubborn. I have always said that training a husky is more of a negotiation than anything else.


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