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🙋‍♂️Hello Friends in this video we Compare Characteristics of two Different Dog Breeds with the same look , American Pitbull Terrier VS Dogo Argentino. We hope you enjoyed it 🙏
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  1. This is a very biased video for sure and everyone in the comments just start going into a fight comparison. Most the time the Dogo would beat the pit one on one but if it's a true game APBT my money would be on him. Obviously you never no cuz every dog is different. I like the Dogo much more but pits don't have that rep for nothing, a true game dog is on another level I don't think lost people understand. You see one in action and you know why the size doesn't matter as much

  2. You are crazy if you think a pit even comes close to the dojo and I've been an owner of both. This video is totally misinforming.

  3. I love how bias this guy is towards the Pitbull. Notice how he says. .However the pitbull is better so the point goes to him. .(with no thorough explanation) lol

  4. Dude i see every day a pit kills a kid or his owner and pets i never hurd of dogo doikg this its on news all the time i alwys see good dogo


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