The backbone of the fleet

The backbone of the fleet
Plymouth Argyle
Image by The return of the spiceymexrice!
Over the years many enthusiasts have voiced their distain with the Dennis Dart, I remember a lot saying they wouldn’t last 10 years…
Well in fairness they have been a fine servent to many operators across the country, here in FDC Plymouth they are out working 7 days a week.
Preferable to a Volvo B6 anyday (in my opinion!).
It certainly wouldn’t be the same without them….
This shot was from that wash-out of a Summer last year. 42753 has seen a varied time livery wise here at Plymouth since arriving from Eastern Counties, Barbie then it ran in all black before having an allover Plymouth Argyle livery, then back to Barbie, she was then transferred out to Bristol and came back again!
It will be 15 years old this May, a pretty good innings.

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