Everybody loves sunrise

Everybody loves sunrise
Kevin Love
Image by Frank Lammel
Photo was taken by my son Kevin, 9 yrs old. I love his compositon with the couple doing a selfie in the foreground. I just hat to align the final photo a little bit in LR.

Another Crap Sunrise

Another Crap Sunrise
Call Me by Your Name
Image by brentbat
Why is that lately all the good sunrises and sunsets seem to occur on Monday morning and Monday evening… anybody else noticed that?

I’ve tried to shoot this location a number of times at dawn and I think every time I’m coming up with very mediocre skies.

Oh well… still nice to get out of bed. This morning while I was standing on the rock point lamenting the lack of good clouds a school of dolphins cruised pass and kind of said good morning (now I know there is a more technical name for a group of dolphins, but I can’t remember it…. I know it’s a pod of whales…. anyone)?

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