how to deep fry a turkey the proper way. Safety and prep tips included. deep fried turkey goodness

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This is my attempt at giving an informational video on how to properly deep fry a turkey. my video makes no claim of any issues you may have and or make me liable for you burning down your house or any bodily harm

a few key points. NEVER do this in your house or in a confined area. Do it OUT DOORS.
Turn OFF the flame before you submerge the bird, NO FLAME NO FIRE
Do NOT use a frozen bird, if it you purchased it frozen make sure you defrost it thoroughly
Make sure the bird is DRY, use paper towel to dry it off, no water, no boiling splatter.

350 degrees,
3.5 min per LB from the time you submerge the bird + 5min on top. It may look burned but its not, rest it for a while and you will see once you cut it open it will be hot and MOIST.
Check internal temp to ensure the bird is cooked before you consume

here are a few options for a Brine (remember if you decide to just Roast you should try a brine as well, make all the world of a differance.
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Million Dollar Baby: 10th Anniversary — Live Proper — Available February 4

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Love With The Proper Stranger (1963) Tribute

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I love this film so much and here Jack Jones sings the title song briefly heard in the film, which was composed by Elmer Bernstein. Natalie Wood received her third and final Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the Italian-American girl Angie Rossini, who becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with musician Rocky Papsano (Steve McQueen). Complications as well as reluctant romance arise and Angie won’t settle for anything less than real love. Robert Mulligan once again proved to be adept at these kinds of heartwarming yet very believable stories, and Steve McQueen gives his most natural performance, and Natalie gives one of her best. Sadly, this movie has yet to have a proper and/or official DVD release. Let’s hope that changes soon.


Proper Keyboarding

Proper Keyboarding

This video explores the techniques required to type properly on the keyboard. It also identifies the benefits of proper keyboarding, and proper finger placement.
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