The Easy Way to Make Fresh Noni Juice

Noni juice has been credited with a vast array of benefits, including reducing pain, preventing cancer, alleviating diabetes, helping with memory and scaring away people who can’t stand the smell.

Today I share how to make fresh noni juice. Juicing noni fruit isn’t particularly easy as the pulp holds in the juice, so I add some water to the blender and blend up noni fruit, then push the fruit pulp through a sieve. You still get a thick noni juice this way, so it’s not good for you pulp-free aficionados, but it’s good juice.

Making noni juice only takes a few minutes for a small amount. I made over a gallon of fresh noni juice the evening I filmed this video and it took me about an hour. Using a juicer would probably work but I don’t have one. Other people juice noni by letting the fruit turn to mush on the counter, then pressing out the juice with a fork. That’s a little scarier, though noni seems to have a strange preservative effect which keeps it from spoiling like some fruit do. Even fruit flies don’t like eating noni.

I have gotten used to the taste and like it. Wikipedia claims it’s bitter but it isn’t – not really. The taste of noni is slightly sweet and cheesy – like a strong cheese – with black pepper undertones. Drinking noni juice is a unique experience but not a terrible one. I find it quite drinkable, though your mileage may vary. After you drink noni juice you feel healthy – it makes your whole body tingle. I’ve been drinking noni juice every day.

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Many years of research by detoxification specialist:
Bio Rex Noni was founded by Russian detoxification specialist Prof. Ludmilla Korkina.

It contains tropical plants processed by innovating world class fermentation technology to provide greater detoxification functions, meeting every need in the complex body system, and perform detoxification and cell renewal rapidly.

===================== BIOREX NONI ====================
Bio Rex Noni is a new generation of fully natural products manufactured by modern biotechnology process which includes controlled and environmental friendly close cycle yeast fermentation of some tropical fruits possessing scientifically proven medicinal properties. These fruits include noni, papaya and pineapple.

Japanese bio-fermentation technology has successfully preserved all the finest nutrition.

Research has proven Bio Rex Noni contains 150 required nutrients and the body

============== NUTRIENTS IN BIO REX NONI ==============

1. CONSIST OF HUNDRED OF BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE SUBSTANCES including flavonoids, lignans, phutosterol, carotenoids, low chain fatty acids and their ester, anthraquinones, ceumaring, vanilloids, amino acids, nucleotides, oligo and polysaccharides (pectins), thiols, microelements (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, etc) and vitamins.

2. CONSISTS OF VARIOUS TYPES OF ANTIOXIDANT COMPOUNDS such as flavonoids, carotenoids, polysaccharides, catechins, superoxide dimutase-SOD, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, polyphenols, vitamin P, Vitamin A, B, E.

Therefore, it is known as a super food for health and longevity.

3. RICH IN PROXERONINE AND PROXERONASE these 2 components are Xeronine’s precursor.

Bio Rex Noni provide the body to produce enough Xeronine to ensure the normal function of all cells and tissues in the body. It’s function include quick recovery for damaged cells, excreting metabolic waste and toxins out of the body, pain-killing and promote longevity

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