5 Things You Can’t Google About Carli Lloyd

Sure, you might know that Carli Lloyd has 2 Olympic gold medals and a World Cup trophy. But what’s the craziest thing she’s ever eaten? And how does she get her hair bun to stay in place? U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder sits down with The Players’ Tribune to share facts you can’t search for on the Internet.

Va Trump Team Rubino & Lloyd: “Don’t Vote For Corey Stewart for Governor”

Va Trump Team Rubino & Lloyd:

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Be Andrew Lloyd Webber’s VIP at School of Rock // Omaze

Be Andrew Lloyd Webber’s VIP at School of Rock // Omaze

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William Demarest, Lloyd Nolan, Dressed to Kill (1941)

William Demarest, Lloyd Nolan, Dressed to Kill (1941)
william demarest
Image by classic_film
Synopsis from IMDb:
Detective Michael Shayne and his girlfriend Joanne are on their way to be married when a scream from a nearby hotel room draws his attention to a pair of theatrical murders.

Scene with Lloyd Nolan (August 11, 1902 – September 27, 1985) and William Demarest (February 27, 1892 – December 28, 1983), from 20th Century-Fox’s 1941 Michael Shayne crime drama "Dressed to Kill."

Bit of bio about Demarest, via IMDb:
Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, William Demarest was a prolific actor in movies and TV, making more than 140 films. Demarest started his acting career in vaudeville and made his way to Broadway. His most famous role was in My Three Sons (1960), replacing a very sick William Frawley. Demarest was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting role in the real-life biography, The Jolson Story (1946). He did not win. This was the first and only time Demarest was nominated for any Academy Award.

Lloyd Nolan (August 11, 1902 – September 27, 1985) played the lead role as private investigator Mike Shayne – he played the role in seven of the popular private-eye film series. Nolan had appeared in numerous films during the first half of his career – a bit about his later years, via IMDb:
By 1950, Nolan was ready for television (nearly half of his career roles would tally on that side of the ledger). In addition to his series work, television in the 1950s also played a lot of Nolan’s action films from the 1930s and 1940s, earning him a whole new generation of fans–kids who would sit for hours in front of the TV, watching not only current shows but "old" movies. Nolan appeared in many different genres on television, and he could be seen in everything from distinguished dramatic productions to variety and game shows, in addition to having his own series, including Martin Kane (1949) and Special Agent 7 (1958).
After having been away from Broadway for nearly 20 years, Nolan returned in early 1954 in the original production of the hit play "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial", in the pivotal role of the paranoid Captain Queeg. He spent a year in this production, to great critical acclaim. He repeated the role on television in a Ford Star Jubilee (1955) production in 1955. His TV roles kept him busy. It must have been fun for him when, at nearly 60 years of age, he played notorious Chicago gangster George Moran, aka "Bugs" Moran–who in real life was much younger than Nolan was at the time–on the popular The Untouchables (1959), as well as appearing in five continuing episodes of the extremely popular 77 Sunset Strip (1958) series, and he appeared in other crime dramas playing, in one form or another, the kinds of roles he played on the big screen in the 1930s and 1940s.
In the 1970s, when cameo roles by older stars were becoming a popular means of luring people back to the theaters, Nolan was happy to oblige in box-office hits like Ice Station Zebra (1968), Airport (1970), and Earthquake (1974). When the same circumstances spread to episodic TV, Nolan was only too happy to be on hand. Most older actors–even those with good reputations–have a tendency to be a bit difficult, but Nolan was such a professional. His joy at still being able to work at the craft he loved was profound, almost childlike in enthusiasm. He never complained or claimed special privilege.