Coloring Lisa Frank Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Book Page Prismacolor Colored Pencil | KiMMi THE CLOWN

Join in on the fun as Kimmi The Clown colors in her LIsa Frank Coloring & Activity Book! This magical book comes with so many different pages to color! Watch me color a picture of a unicorn using Prismacolor colored pencils! I had so much fun coloring in this amazing coloring book and watching my picture come to life! Great book for kids who love Lisa Frank, coloring, drawing or being artistic! Join me tomorrow for more fun videos! THANKS FOR WATCHING! HAVE A FUN DAY!!! ☺️

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Kimmi The Clown Toy Reviews | Kids and Family Friendly Channel

Hi everyone, I’m Kimmi The Clown! I love playing with fun toys and making videos to share with you! I really love all kinds of toys, but some of my absolute favorites include Play Doh, LEGO, Barbie, NERF, Shopkins, Thomas & Friends, My Little Pony, Star Wars, FurReal Friends, Disney, Hot Wheels, Baby Alive, Ninja Turtles, Lala Loopsy, Tsum Tsum, action figures, princess dolls, and much much more!!! Join me daily as I unbox new toys and have lots of fun clowin’ around!

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Crayola is a brand of artists’ supplies manufactured by Crayola, LLC (formerly Binney & Smith Company) and best known for its crayons. The company is based in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Since 1984, Crayola has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. Originally an industrial pigment supply company, Crayola soon shifted its focus to art products for home and school use, beginning with chalk, then crayons, followed later by colored pencils, markers, paints, modeling clay, and other related goods. All Crayola-branded products are marketed as nontoxic and safe for use by children. Most Crayola crayons are made in the United States.

Lisa Frank is an American businesswoman, the founder of Lisa Frank Incorporated, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. She is known for producing whimsical commercial design for school supplies and other products that are primarily marketed to children.


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Blue Velvet (9/11) Movie CLIP – Joy Ride With Frank (1986) HD

Blue Velvet (9/11) Movie CLIP - Joy Ride With Frank (1986) HD

Blue Velvet movie clips:

Frank (Dennis Hopper) forces Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) to go on a “joy ride” with him, Dorothy (Isabella Rossellini) and his boys.

Director David Lynch crafted this hallucinogenic mystery-thriller that probes beneath the cheerful surface of suburban America to discover sadomasochistic violence, corruption, drug abuse, crime and perversion. Kyle Maclachlan stars as Jeffrey Beaumont, a square-jawed young man who returns to his picture-perfect small town when his father suffers a stroke. Walking through a field near his home, Jeff discovers a severed human ear, which he immediately brings to the police. Their disinterest sparks Jeff’s curiosity, and he is soon drawn into a dangerous drama that’s being played out by a lounge singer, Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) and the ether-addicted Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper). The sociopathic Booth has kidnapped Dorothy’s young son and is using the child as a bargaining chip to repeatedly beat, humiliate and rape Dorothy. Though he’s drawn to the virginal, wholesome Sandy Williams (Laura Dern), Jeff is also aroused by Dorothy and in trying to aid her, he discovers his dark side. As the film nears its conclusion, our hero learns that many more indivduals are tacitly involved with Frank, including a suave, lip-synching singer, Ben (Dean Stockwell), who is minding the kidnapped boy. Director Lynch explored many similar themes of the “disease” lying just under the surface of the small town, all-American faade in his later television series Twin Peaks (1990-91).

TM & © MGM (1986)
Cast: Brad Dourif, Dennis Hopper, J. Michael Hunter, Kyle MacLachlan, Jack Nance, Dean Stockwell, Isabella Rossellini
Director: David Lynch
Producers: Fred C. Caruso, Richard A. Roth
Screenwriter: David Lynch

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Frank Skinner interviews Drew Barrymore’s Mum, Jaid – ’95

Sometimes, on a chat-show, the host and guest just MESH. Like Wogan and J.R. Or Parky and Miss Piggy. On this occasion, the chemistry was so palpable – for weeks afterwards, people were asking Frank if he’d NAILED Drew Barrymore’s MUCH sexier Mum. Frank said NO.
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Frank Castle: The Punisher

Frank Castle: The Punisher
frank matthews
Image by {Thud}
So I picked this fig up at Philly BrickFest last month. I was stoked to see that EclipseGrafx had a couple. This character is by far my favorite out of the Marvel universe. I hope to make some builds with him as well. I gave him a BrickArms OM M16, a trench coat(I’m not sure who made it), and a Lego Hobbit head.