As Seen On TV Pest Control Gadgets TESTED!

We test interesting “AS SEEN ON TV” Pest Control Gizmos and Gadgets to find out what’s worth the money! Links To All Products we tested (below):
ZappLight Bug Zapper:
My Critter Catcher:
Executioner Electric Swatter:
Gardeneer Solar Scarecrow Owl:

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BEST 5 Camera Gadgets For Motion Control – YOU MUST HAVE [DSLR] #5

Here are the best 5 camera gadgets

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5. Rhino slider EVO –
4. LYNX –
2.BW05 Camera

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How to Control What People Do | Propaganda – EDWARD BERNAYS | Animated Book Summary

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This is an animated book summary video of Propaganda written by Edward Bernays. He was Sigmund Freud’s nephew and is seen by many as the father of public relations. Many prominent politicians, including Donald Trump have used Bernays theories to spread their message to the masses using mainstream media and alternative media.

Adam — I read books about successful people and make animated videos about them.
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