Shady Things Everyone Just Ignores About Kim Zolciak-Biermann

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Viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have watched as Kim Zolciak-Biermann evolved from being a single mom of two who was dating a mysterious married man to being swept off her feet by NFL free agent Kroy Biermann. She has since starred in her very own Bravo TV spin-off series, Don’t be Tardy, and added four more little ones to her family. Sure, some of the scenes on these reality shows may be nothing more than scripted drama, but she has also been entangled in a few real-life incidents that have definitely raised some eyebrows…

Bills, bills, bills | 0:29
Married sugar daddy | 1:22
Crappy situation | 1:57
Family feud | 2:29
Only the nose knows | 3:12
Shifting the blame | 3:54

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What is Cinco de Mayo? A Brief History & Facts About Cinco De Mayo – ETRAFFIC

A Brief History & Facts About Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo on Fifth of May is a commemoration of the victory of an outnumbered army of Mexicans over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla that took place May 5, 1862.

The triumph of the Mexicans proved to the world that their will to defend their nation’s sovereignty would prevail against a powerful foreign invader.

It is often mistaken as Mexico’s Independence Day, which, on the other hand, is celebrated every 16th of September.

Though Cinco de Mayo has become a relatively minor event in Mexico today, the United States of America significantly celebrates it by highlighting the Mexican-American culture.

It’s significance to world history is more than about having a day dedicated to feasting on Mexican Food, getting Margarita happy, and wearing loud sombreros; so to give you a better understanding of what Cinco de Mayo is all about,

Let’s take you back to where and how it all began – The American Civil War, experienced by the Latinos.

The Early 1860’s became witness to the time Mexico had become greatly indebted to France, Britain and Spain as a result of the Mexican-American War and Reform War.

Mexican President Benito Juárez suspended the payment of Mexico’s foreign debts for 2 years and only France turned down the notion for a negotiation.

Napoleon III, then ruler of France, saw this as an opportunity to build The Second Mexican Empire in Mexico with France reaping the benefits.

During the latter part of 1861, France’s fleet attacked Veracruz and halted Juarez and his government.

In May 1862, The French force led by General Charles de Lorencez attacked Mexico City but were resisted by General Ignacio Zaragoza’s strong-willed Mexican troops near Puebla de los Angeles.

2,000 poorly-equipped Mexican fighters stood against the 6,000 well-armed French men, known as “the world’s premier army”.

Nearly 500 French soldiers and fewer than 100 Mexicans had been killed in the battle that went on from dawn til dusk. Sensing the obvious defeat, the French force retreated.

Mexico’s determination, unity and patriotism won over France’s brutal force. A much-needed morale boost not only to the Mexican army but to Mexico as a nation.

There’s so much to tell about what took place in Puebla but what needs to be remembered has probably been forgotten by most of those who should be passing the story on.

Mexico may have lost battles after that great victory, but Cinco de Mayo will always be a reminder to everyone that a grain of hope, no matter how small and insignificant to others, can make the impossible, possible.

Now that you know what you need to know,

Enjoy that Mexican feast!
Down that shot of tequila!
And Wear that Mexican sombrero loud and proud!

Because it is a HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!
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44 random facts about me

44 random facts about me
Pumpkin Corn Pudding
Image by ✄♥Ladyfroufrou♥★SparkleSparkle!☆★
Color :Pink
Fruit : Watermelon
Candy : poco sticks
Chocolate : hazelnut fererro
Cold drink : Water
Hot drink : Coffee
Ice cream : chocolate
Chips : corn chips
Soup : minestrone
Car : Nissan Pulsar
TV show : Sons of Anarchy
Movie : Dogs in Space
Sport : Roller Derby
Perfume : Lavender/ rose geranium essential oil
Stock Blythe doll : Gentle River
Custom Blythe Doll : Lovaliscious
Meat : Facon!
Vegetable : Pumpkin..
Genre of music : 80’s , belly dance, punk,folk
City to visit : Tokyo
Celebrity crush : Noel Feilding
Book : Francesca Lia Block
Sports team : Convict City Rollers/ Apple Betties
Pet : whippet
Meal : Sushi
Flower : Roses
Dessert : Lemon Delicious Pudding
Smell :Freesias!
Games : UNO
Piece of Jewelry :Big Silver Hoop Earrings
Jeans : bootleg Lee Riders
Electronics : Smeg
Hair product : Soap
Sandwich : thin sliced tomato on white bread, salt & pepper
Condiment : Paprika
Thing to collect : Dolls, roses, vintage homewares, vintage underwear
Time of day : 10 am
Day of week : Friday
Actress : Saskia Post
Season : Autumn
Designer : Alannah Hill, Betsey Johnson,
Comfort food : cheese on toast
Piece of clothing : Long over the knee socks

All About Architecture School – What First Year is REALLY Like

In this video, I tell all about architecture school and my personal experience, as well as what the program offers. College, especially for architecture students, is really difficult, so I figured I would make a video all about it.

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Canon 70d
Rode Videomic Pro
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MUST WATCH !! PETER SCHIFF Talks About Current Events and Politics

This video posted with permission

Report Date: June 2018

Currenct News & Politics with Peter SCHIFF

Current Events
Not much has been going on in the economy or the financial markets the last couple of days. Its been pretty quiet, so I’m going to take an opportunity to record a podcast more on current events and politics, so if you’re not interested in those topics, then maybe just wait for my next podcast, although, when I did the Peter Schiff Radio Show 5 days a week, there were people who complained when I did not talk about the markets, or even the economy. But I always enjoyed talking more about politics and current events, and I think the feedback I got was more engaging, so the show was more interesting.

Supreme Court Wedding Cake Case
So, I am going to talk about a couple of topics today; one has to do about that ruling that came out of the Supreme Court yesterday on the baker in Colorado who had refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. I know I have talked about this topic in the past; it is not the first time it has come up, but it has come up again in the wake of this ruling so I want to revisit that topic.

No More Swimsuit Competition for Miss America
Before I get to that topic, I would like to address a lighter topic, but nonetheless just as interesting. The Miss America Pageant is no longer going to consider beauty as the criteria for the pageant. In other words, it is a beauty pageant, but beauty doesn’t count. It’s not outer beauty, it’s just going to be, I guess inner beauty. They are going to get rid of the swimsuit competition, they are going to get rid of the evening gown competition and they will select a winner based on other characteristics. I’m really not sure what. I know they’ve got the talent competition; no one really paid too much attention to talent. Some of the women actually had some talent. Usually the most humorous part of the Miss America Pageant was the Q&A where there were often political questions asked and the contestants would try to give the most politically correct answer they could come up with.

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