The 1981 live Great American Taste Test (Super Bowl XV)

The 1981 live Great American Taste Test (Super Bowl XV)
When Is The Superbowl For 2017
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During this year’s Super Bowl LI (that is, the 51st), on Sunday 5 February 2017, Snickers and Hyundai will both air commercials that have been filmed live, if not broadcast live.

The last time the Super Bowl has featured an actual live commercial, was 1981, during Super Bowl XV (15), when Schlitz Brewing ran "The Great American Beer Test," a 60-second taste test vs. Michelob, broadcast live from New Orleans, the host city of that year’s championship game.

Hosted by Bobby Bell, a former NFL referee dressed in referee zebra stripes, 100 "loyal Michelob drinkers" sampled Schlitz and Michelob in unmarked ceramic beer steins, off the air. When the commercial went live, each pulled a lever to indicate their preference. An electronic football scoreboard tallied the results: 50 Michelob drinkers preferred Schlitz. A tie.

In the game, the Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 27-10.

Five months after the Super Bowl, a continuing downward spiral in sales, and a labor strike, forced Schlitz to close its Milwaukee brewery. The following year, the company was sold to Stroh Brewing.

Washington Post (25 January 2017)
For the first time in 36 years, someone will try a live Super Bowl ad

Brutal Hammer of Truth (31 January 2016)
Super Bowl XV was Last Call for Schlitz

▶ See the commercial: Adland.

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