Obama & Shawn

Obama & Shawn
Image by jurvetson
Had dinner with this most unusual person, and took her picture with Obama…

When she mentioned, in an offhand way, that prison is a tough place for the transgendered, I became more curious.

Little did I know that Shawn was also a rocket scientist. When she emailed me her background, I asked her if I could share it on flickr, and she happily obliged:

“Thanks so much for the pics… & enjoyed your flickr photos.. and
your company at the Obama event..
Since you apparently like geeky stuff, here’s part of my story…

My first job out of school was to build the first integrated circuit
launch sequencer for our anti-ballistic missle system for Martin
Marietta back in 1971… we blew them out of a silo shotgun style with
about 500 pounds of PETN.. I had 100 ms to make sure the bird was
flyable otherwise blow it up in the hole… Each bird was carrying a
600lb nuclear bomb… came out of the hole at mach 5 or 6, the rocket
motor was ignited after it cleared the hole with a final velocity of
mach 10… since the reliability wasn’t very good in those days, they
wanted us to be able to launch 20 at a time… wow! sure impressed
this 21 year old at the time..

After that I got a job with Jerry Sanders at AMD and built the AMD9080
starting the great microprocessor war and then started their EPROM div
building their first 5 eproms..
I started by own company in 1978 and took it public in 1996
(Meta-Software, Inc.), sold it to Avanti! the next year..

Thought you might like to hear the story.. you can catch an old
interview in the stanford silicon genesis archive.”

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