In 2000 Tiger Woods Accidentally Revealed the SECRET to the Golf Swing

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April 11, 2000 2 days after Tiger Woods finished 5th place in the 2000 Masters he went on golf channel and in the course of a conversation he revealed what many are now called the secret motor program to golf. Tiger went on to win the next 4 majors in a row, now referred to as the Tiger slam.

It is difficult to convince people of this because you don’t see it in pictures. The body WILL ALWAY go first, regardless of how fast you try to move your arms. The key is fast arms that outrace the body. (you don’t freeze the body either, let it react to the arms.)

Most of this footage is from “The Source of Power” available at

This move has also help me cut my handicap by more than half. (from 4.1 to 1.4)

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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20 Replies to “In 2000 Tiger Woods Accidentally Revealed the SECRET to the Golf Swing”

  1. I like this. There is far to much emphasis on bumping and turning the hips TOO EARLY This is my thought pattern 1…full 90 degree backswing with good side bend 2…keep your wrist cock and drop arms and right elbow down in front of right hip, (which stops over the top) 3..turn/rotate your hips aggressively and your arms and hands will be ahead of the ball 4… your left leg will straighten as you get your weight into left heel 5…drive your right shoulder forward towards target and swing the club shaft around the back of your head parallel to the ground. Works for me!

  2. When it's all said and done your hips do not operate the club nor determine direction so it makes sense that you focus on the feeling in the arms however if your body's mechanics are fundamentally flawed then its impossible for you to have consistency… When we're talking about and comparing to TW who just so happens to be the goat having dominated an inherently unconquerable sport for a while decade you have to appreciate that the margins are Severely different.

    You first have to learn how to operate the body correctly before having any chance of even considering exactly what your hands are doing

  3. I'm 3 hcp and I saw this show with Tiger and Butch on YT 2 years ago. Then I went to the practice range to work on this feeling, just to try. At the beginning, you feel like you hit the ball with no energy. But, when you got it (after 1 h) I stroke the ball longer with less effort and lot more constitancy (a feeling to have a longer contact with the ball during impact). Very impressive with long irons and woods. That piece of advice worked very well for me !

  4. Monte Scheinblum has said he instructs his students to drive the arms hard, but that really the body goes hard and the arms are additive to the body turn. And look at Monte's long drive video… his hips and body turn and the arms start by riding along… then they get active later. Same with Tiger's video's. Feel isn't real. Teaching isn't reality, it's just how to make a difference in an individual's swing. If slow motion video shows the hips and body going first, you better believe the hips and body go first. Feel isn't real.

  5. I’m new to golf and this video has corrected so many things that guys have been teaching me on the golf course. It’s sad that this only has several hundred views on the bright side my game will improve drastically and nobody will understand how!

  6. The golf instruction available for the average golfer that really wants to improve sucks! unless you are willing to pay big money of course. The sad truth is that a lot of the information is simple. Executing the moves might not be, but the actual concept of why certain moves work is. I have taking lots of lessons and no one ever told me the things I learned on my own that have helped me improve. Thanks god for the internet and slow motion videos..It takes will power and lots of practice to get some of the moves right but once you got them, improvement is imminent. You might not go from high handicapper to a single over night but slow progress is very realistic if you have the right information.
    For some reason the instructors I visited either did not want to share it, or they did not know it. ..It is kind of a bummer really.

  7. Nobody hit an iron greater than Ben Hogan, and he's said it hundreds of times through videos, segments and in his famous book "Five Lessons of Golf" that your hips should always start the down swing and your hips and body BEFORE the arms and hands are what generate the power. So what the fuck is this video?

  8. I think many many golfers when thinking of a 'body swing' get way in front with their hip turn. Also their angle of attack is usually from the inside as the correct attack plane is counter intuative.

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