20.366 | new water filter = yea!

20.366 | new water filter = yea!
water to go filter bottle
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I should have done this a million years ago, get a faucet-type of water filter. Instead I’ve played with the pitcher kinds and buying gallon-bottles and two-and-a-half gallon ones and just did six months of arrowhead delivery at the office (very expensive as we have to pay for it ourselves).

The thing is, I hate the pitcher-type filters because they don’t hold enough water (constantly having to fill them up); I hate the larger container ones because they are too big to go anywhere. I hate buying bottled water (yes, even my beloved Smart Water) because I hate buying plastic bottles. And Arrowhead had to go down the highway of I can’t afford you anymore.

So tonight I bought this. Beyond basic to install (hello, just screw the thing on) and now we’re set.

I’m telling you and this proves it: I’m all about the little things.

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