St. Louis Skyline

St. Louis Skyline
Image by gid617
Built for #Marchitecture.

From left to right:
Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse
Gateway Arch
The no-longer-extant McDonald’s Riverboat
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis
Eads Bridge – or a small sliver thereof
Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis

I’ve never actually lived in the Gateway to the West or its environs, but my Grandparents do so I’ve visited plenty of times, and have been up in the arch as well. This skyline is slightly outdated as I chose to include the McDonald’s riverboat – no longer operating – and the cathedral spire before refurbishing (which was only a color change, but who can pass up an opportunity to sneak in a bit of sand green?).
I love microscale building though I don’t get time for it too often, but making time for this was a must!

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For the background I used STL Skyline 2007 by CillanXC at English Wikipedia, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.