7 Futuras Tecnologias Que Tienes Que Ver

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6- Elide Fire : https://goo.gl/lujWtf

5- AirBar™ Touch Screen Sensor For MacBook Air® Notebooks : https://goo.gl/WHavpE

4- Janken (rock-paper-scissors) Robot with 100% winning rate : https://goo.gl/qYCgJS

3- Microsoft Surface Studio : https://goo.gl/QuglJK

2- Parking Robot – Hikvision : https://goo.gl/wekaAb

1- Ztylus Case : https://goo.gl/8VDfku

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To the future [EXPLORED]

To the future [EXPLORED]
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Image by david anderson : da-photography
Decided to start work a little later and have a drive down to Tynemouth.

One of two shots, this was taken just before the sun came up, with a 0.9HEgrad and a Hi-Tech ten stop ND filter. Six minute exposure… 🙂

Get me, one Explore in almost four years, then two more in one week. It’s like buses…