Paper Shredder Worm Cozy lid open

Paper Shredder Worm Cozy lid open
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Image by Amy M. Youngs
Worm Cozies are designed to help humans feel more comfortable hosting worms in their homes. Based on the concept of appliance cozies, which were originally created as a way to hide the sight of garish machines inside the domestic space of the kitchen, these worm cozies similarly function as a softening interface that will help us get used to the idea of living with worm ecosystems.

Composting worms are excellent co-habitants that can help us reduce our greenhouse gas output by eating waste paper and food scraps that would otherwise be sent to landfills, which generate methane. Local, in-home worms can transform domestic organic waste into a rich, nutritious fertilizer that can be fed to houseplants, food gardens, trees or lawns. Worm ecosystems are odor-free, silent and thrive in dark, moist places with food, so they will not want to leave their worm cozy. I understand that some people are squeamish about the idea of living with worms, which is why these cozies are designed to be friendly, fuzzy, and discrete. – Amy Youngs

CECF: Battleship Shredder and Brevard County Sheriff Tron bike

Preview the 2014 Celebration Exotic Car Festival from the night before the event. See the Parker Brothers Concepts Shredder, Brevard County Sheriff Tron bike, Eregon motorcycle, and others.

Taken during the night before the Celebration Exotic Car Festival when there were very few people around. A lot of cars were still under covers, but there were a few gems being showcased already.

Hopefully this will be proof enough for those who think the shredder is not real.

See pics of the Shredder and Tron sheriff bike on my facebook:

Shot with a Canon 5D3 with 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens.
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