10 Worst Celebrity Embarrassments In History of Hollywood. U Die If This Happen To U.

You would die if this happened to you. But celebrities laughed it off & continue to make millions. There is only one thing to learn from this video – Don’t be shy.
1. In Games Of Thrones Emilia Clarke could not stop laughing when she saw Jason Momoa penis especially after he put a pink sock to cover it.
2. Christopher Mintz-Plasse was taken naked on the movie set by his mother and had to have sex in her presence because of CA law since he was underage.
3. Tudor Star Henry Cavill had a long lasting erection during filming of sex scene making his costars very curious.
4. The same story happened to Jesse Metcalfe during filming of sex scene with Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives.
5. True Blood star Lizzy Caplan drunk too much before filming sex so she wanted to mate with the whole movie crew.
6. Another True Blood star Anna Paquin had to have sex with other men in presence of her husband Stephen Moyer – director of True Blood
7. In Adrenaline 2 Jason Statham had to have sex in front of hundreds of people.
8. In Love and Other Drugs Anne Hathaway confused the scene and got completely naked in front of the whole of the crew at completely wrong time
9. Model Jemmy Stone was having romantic film scene in nature. Dog came and spoilt the romance.
10. Ryan Reynolds managed to un-stick both stickers that covered Olivia Wilde breast nipples in an erotic scene