Wizard of Oz Coin Pusher | Winning 4 COMPLETE SETS | SERIOUSLY?!? | Epic Coin Pusher JACKPOT

Hey guys, welcome back! Today we were focusing on a Toto when another one appeared on the field! Then we started having hopper loading problems and had to get a tech to fixed it, and they found another Toto inside the cabinet! After we got all 3 and just about done play, ANOTHER TOTO APPEARED ON THE FIELD! Isn’t in INSANE?! Stay tuned to the end of the video where we do a LEWT HAUL showing what we got with the tickets and what we plan to do with the winnings! So many JACKPOTS!

The main goal for The of Oz Pusher is to push off chips and cards that are on the game field. There is a joystick that you can aim left or right with a button that shoots out silver coins. You can either press the button to shoot one at a time or you can hold it to enable rapidfire, which shoots coins constantly. Each chip is worth 20 tickets while each card is worth 50 tickets. The silver coins are only use to push the chips and cards out of the machine. On a rare occasion you will get some tokens that will fall out of the machine, you can put them back in to get 5 extra plays. The tokens are not worth any tickets. You can collect a full set of cards which are worth 2000 tickets. To complete a set you must have Dorthy, The Wicked Witch of The West, Good Witch of The North, Tinman, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Toto. Toto is the rarest card and is harder to find. You can take all your winning to the winner circle to redeem for prizes such as Plushes, Video games, Candy and more!

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*Main footage was recorded using my iPhone 6S+ 128GB model and edited using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13. If applicable, any Lewt (loot) Cam footage was recorded using a GoPro Hero+ LCD.

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  2. sooo you could have bought 13 packs of cards at a store for 52 dollars……i dont even wanna think of what you spent to get 4 full sets lolololol

  3. When I saw Toto drop from the card thing… I screamed Toto but, got cut off by a cough… that's something to remember….

  4. It seems to me, if you throw too many coins at one side too quickly, they start creating ramps and effectively the whole push is reduced to the height of a coin instead of its diameter. Or maybe that happens in any case on these machines. never played one.

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