Frank Lloyd Wright homes proving difficult to sell

America’s most famous architect designed innovative buildings, including schools, skyscrapers, hotels, museums – and about 280 homes. Twenty Wright homes are currently for sale. Dean Reynolds reports on the difficulties of selling the properties.

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  1. What's the deal with all these "haters"?
    The worth is in the eye of the beholder. If one doesn't "like" or "get" it, then just move on. Your opinion is of no value and doesn't contribute anything positive to the conversation.

  2. Frank wright said the fineman house built in pittsburgh is a house well built it sold for the low 115,000!! Peter berndtson his protege designed it

  3. I feel its tasteless modern homebuyers (new and old money) and Chicago getting a bad rap in the media thats not selling these homes. I think 1million for a FLW designed Chicago home in pristine, original condition and furniture/interiors, with quite a bit of acreage is not a bad deal. Love the use of wood and the motifs on those massive glass panels. The drool worthy gothic original furniture? These homes mix ancient, art deco and modern so well. That's FLW and if you're made- go for it AND don't change a thing.! If only money wasn't such a big concern in my life!

  4. Oh NO! "These homes are iconic" Here we go again, iconic iconic iconic. So tired of hearing that damn word from every bozo who wants to sound profound.

  5. god forbid you want a A.C. for the house, you have to get a contractor that specializes in preservation. if there is a painting on the wall, it must stay there forever. Frank Lloyd Wright's ego was bigger than any of his homes put together

  6. Doesnt matter if one tninks they are boring our not, they are a peice of history built by one of the most famous and well known architects in the world! They are museum, historic peices!

    Change the color? Is that news guys nuts? knows nothing about these homes!

    And homes in general, as everyone wanting to go to lighter colors in early 2000s, was such a huge ugly mistake on all homes! New or old!

    I dont think they are priced too high. This keeps the riff raff from purchasing and destroying these homes!!

  7. Wuht… people show up and "can we tour" the house? Duh…. rude. Huge roof designs like a big hat that kinda hides the house. Todays values and cost don't allow all that roof overhang although it is a cool design thing.

  8. If a painting is done by van Gogh is it worth more? When something is created from a mind so creative and unique, it is worth more. I live in a prairie style home and have been in construction for over 20 years and it is hard to explain living in these style of homes. Beyond open floor concepts, your mind is challenged to think outside the box. The way these homes sit, taking advantage of light and feel, and these homes sit in your mind as to not confine you within a home, but of feeling like you exist in a comfortable shelter with the mind being inside and outside at the same time!

  9. All house prices are over inflated. Salaries have not NEARLY kept up with house prices. And muckity mucks wonder why people, especially young people, aren't buying homes.

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