DSC_1489-1 Don’t be swayed, only the Scot’s can decide the outcome…

DSC_1489-1 Don’t be , the Scot’s can the
Bruce Forsyth
Image by Lawrence Holmes.
Home rule, devolution, separatism, call it what you will. The Scottish people will democratically decide the issue at the ballot box. I think it’ safe to say that the Scottish people are wise and shrewd enough to determine their own country’s future and not be led by English people and their personal viewpoints on this most momentous decision in Scotland’s long history. The outcome is up to the Scot’s, not Westminster’s.

"Let’s Stay Together". A rally in Leeds, uk. Asking members of the public to sign a petition to ask the Scottish people to vote no for Scottish independence. This poster is signed by well known people and celebrities. Including…

Dan Snow, David Attenborough, Helena Bonham Carter, Jo Brand, Ronnie Corbett, Tom Daley, Tom Holland, Mick Jagger, Vera Lynn, Cliff Richard, Sting, Judi Dench, Cilla Black, Stephen Hawking, Ruth Rendell, David Gilmour, Bruce Forsyth.

How many can you decipher?

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