Duke vs Florida – Full Game Highlights | November 26th, 2017 | 2018 NCAA Season

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20 Replies to “Duke vs Florida – Full Game Highlights | November 26th, 2017 | 2018 NCAA Season”

  1. I'm not necessarily implicating any "funny-business"/Beneath the table endeavors, but Duke objectively gets a lot of calls to go their way, so much so that otherwise superior defenses somehow per the stat sheets, end up fouling in the same proportions as an average team, especially evident in tight, fourth quarters; See 2015 championship game for evidence. Around 10:51,the commentator let's it slip, slightly, too–otherwise no calls/could-go-both-ways, Duke ends up receiveing.

  2. florida's last posession is a prime example of why I don't watch college basketball. it's fun to watch an up and down track meet. But at the end of the day, decision making and execution in the NCAA is absolutely horrible.

  3. Florida coach need to be fired for letting Duke come back like….Have they ever heard of slowing down the ball after a 20 point lead. Why rush?

  4. The fact that Trent picks up a late foul for reaching and puts them on the free throw line…2 possessions later he reaches for the game winning steal..that says alot about him as a defender and as a player in pivotal moments..

  5. Marvin Bagley 3 needs two years at Duke, so he can develop his right hand shot. Bagley favors his left hand, and teams are going to force him to use his right hand more. One more year at Duke will help Bagley develop into an well rounded professional!

  6. wtf Florida looked like the better team the entire game, then we slowed the pace down, we should have kept pushing the pace they had no answer for our penetration and passing, that no call on that charge didn’t help us either, oh well, GG Duke maybe we’ll see each other again in march

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