“Black Ops 2 Origins” How To Upgrade Fire Staff! “HOW TO” (BO2 Zombies)

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HOW TO GET THE STAFF – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6Hk9v_aang

Once have picked up the Staff of Fire, you must return to The Crazy Place. You simply have to use the staff to kill while they are on the metal grates in order to light up the nearby cauldrons. Once all 4 are done, an audio cue by Samantha will signify that the riddle has been solved.
Then you must exit crazy place and go to the church. On the basement floor of the church, there are several unlit torches with several numbers on them, along with an unlit torch with a bloodstain below it (which represents the number 4). Using patterns found on the main church floor walls, the player must convert those patterns using the ternary numeral system.

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