06/03/2009 (Day 3.65) – Stripes
stage lighting rental
Image by Kaptain Kobold
Patches of light interspersed by areas of darkness.

I’m feeling tensed and stressed today; unusually wound up by my own standards. Yesterday we heard that we may have to look for somewehere else to live in about a month or so. We’re living in a rental property, and only had a six-month contract, so we always knew it was temporary, but to be honest it’s come round very quickly and we had hoped that it would be possible to extend the rental period anyway. But the owners of the house want to sell; once they’ve done so we’ll have 30 days to move out. Now it may be that they’ll see to a letting agency, in which case we may be OK, but otherwise we could be house-hunting again soon. It’s shaken us a little; we like it here and have only just got to the stage where we felt properly ‘moved in’. Of course it may be that they can’t sell, in which case we get to stay a little longer. But we’re always going to feel just that little bit more temporary now.

Add to all this that it’s taking longer than we hoped to get our business off the ground and that Catherine’s mum’s health continues to worsen and we’ve got a recipe for series of niggling worries.

Oh, and I had a retinal migraine yesterday, the first for a couple of years. It was quite a bad one; a goodly portion of my vision was obscured for an hour or so, and I felt drained and shaken for the rest of the evening. Let’s hope that’s the last I see of one of those for a while.

Anyway, it’s not all sunshine and surfing here.

Technical details: The shadows are caused by the morning sunshine coming through the screen on the doors from our dining room out to the garden. I saw them on the blinds and decided that they might work just as well on me. I then layered the picture over itself and played with merging and blurring them.

A year ago today I oozed unconvincing blood.


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